" We empower you to achieve your desired outcomes "

Step 1.

We meet with you to understand what you need.

Step 2.

We select from our highly experienced panel and present a number of options to you.

Step 3.

Once you have met and selected the SGL expert for you, we’ll agree the scope of the work.

The Benifits to You

Cost effective

Our experts work as “independent contractors” bringing tax savings. They charge only for days actually worked, so you won’t be paying for holidays or sick pay. Furthermore they are all professionally qualified and ready to meet your requirements, so you don't need to organise or pay for the ongoing costs of professional training and professional membership.


We collaborate with you to identify the key strengths in your business and we help you build on these. Further we leverage the combined experience of all our experts to support you.

Informed Decision-Making

We contribute to the commercial considerations and information you need to make informed business decisions.


We help develop and more importantly implement strategic business plans to drive growth and realise opportunities. Thus giving you a clear sense of direction for the present and future.

Support, Mentoring and Advisory

In every engagement we work with you to develop your staff.